Guess when these words were written:

“…The appearance of the virus itself was a surprise but everything since has been, to some extent, predictable. Because totalitarian regimes lie, China denied there was any problem for three months, and thereafter downplayed the extent of it. Because UN agencies are unduly deferential to dictatorships, the World Health Organization accepted Beijing’s lies. This enabled (the virus) to wiggle free of China’s borders before anyone knew about it. I mentioned all this three weeks ago, but only in the last couple of days has the People’s Republic decided to come clean — or, at any rate, marginally less unclean — about what’s going on…”

Answer: they are from a 2003 Op-Ed and the virus they were talking about was SARS.

The political divide today is re-arranging itself into “elites” versus “ordinary people”. People of both the old “workers” Left and the old “conservative” Right, are waking up and embracing each other and facing towards the common enemy of elitism, especially transnational elitism and globalism. These elites don’t care a fig for any interests apart from advancing the power of their own circles of connections. Because of these connections, the WHO cares more about open borders and “combating xenophobia” than it does about containing pandemics.

Mr Umair Haque can always be relied upon to push the interests of elites and “the swamp” on everything, no matter how much rhetoric of seeming “moralization” he dresses his argument up in.

Researcher and writer on urban economic and planning issues

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