You’re a moral contortionist, and worse, my friend. If “genocide” applies to the forces of law and order coping with illegal immigrants, then it also applies to the forces of law and order dealing with any criminal activity. Shock, horror; the Police are raiding houses and tearing families apart, locking people in prison and putting their children elsewhere by force, just because they deal drugs or are professional burglars!

What “genocide” in history had the target groups of people flooding in to the country committing it? Were Jews swarming in to Nazi Germany???

Alan Dershowitz — that honorable Democrat Lawyer — is absolutely correct to call the way you are talking a form of Holocaust Denial. Because if what the Trump Administration is doing (which is little different to anything happening in the past with border security) is “equivalent” to what Hitler was doing, then we have lost all probity about the enormity of what Hitler did.

The people flocking to the USA’s southern border would fully recognize that you are an idiot. They are cynical opportunists who can’t believe their good luck and the insanity and bad faith of western progressives that has created the opening for them to cynically exploit. They fully understand that the USA not only is not “Nazi Germany”, it is 180 degrees the moral opposite of Nazi Germany, and morally futher from Nazi Germany than the countries from which they are fleeing.

It is ironic that part of the argument that anyone should just be “let in”, is that “things are so bad for them where they are, they are automatically all genuine refugees merely by virtue of coming”; but it is not their own countries governments that draw out condemnation for the crisis! Is it “genocide” that they are fleeing from? If so, what’s the solution? Regime change? You could make such a case with only a fraction of your moral contortions about the USA.

Researcher and writer on urban economic and planning issues

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